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Default Re: All lights flashing on my D-Command

I know this thread is older than dirt; I just saw Moses mixing on a d-control before parting the red sea. LOL But....I recently purchased a 32 channel D-control from a studio going out of business and the main D-control and one Fader module need an LED PSU. I called Advanced Musical in West LA and they said they both need an LED PSU but also suggested I replace the Fader module motors PSU's as well totaling around $800. So I have to ask the logical question. I know there are three PSUs in the D-CONTROL (LED, Logic and Motors). I'd like to replace all the PSUs for both Fader modules as well as the main unit at the same time so they don't go out individually. Is the PSU the same for all of these so all I have to do is order 9 PSUs from Sager and put them in or are they different.

Thanks in advance.
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