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Default Re: Auto-Bank to selected track

Thanks for the details. There appears to be a logic bug with the interaction of the Tracks and User Preferences. In the meantime, I would recommend disabling Auto-Bank to Attentioned Track on the Tracks > Local Options, especially if you want to take advantage of "If not on surface" workflows enabled from the main User preferences.

If Auto-Bank to Attentioned Track is enabled on the Tracks > Local Options it appears to override the Auto-Bank to Track Mode Settings under Settings > User. If enabled, attentioning from the Tracks matrix or clicking on a track in the DAW will always bank regardless of settings including Off, If not Visible or Always. It is assumed that if a user is clicking on a Track in Pro Tools that they also have Track Name ticked under Settings > User: Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area.

A few more bits...

Use SHIFT + CONTROL while clicking on a Track in Pro Tools to justify that on the surface, which again will follow your Settings>User: Banking Justification Mode setting.
(Make sure in Pro Tools under Setup>Preferences>Mixing you have Scroll to Track Banks Controllers enabled.

While in SELECT mode on the Tracks page, hold SHIFT + CONTROL and touch a track to Top/Left justify it in the Pro Tools Edit & Mix Windows.

Let me know how it goes. I will discuss the preference fighting issue with engineering.


Jeff Komar
Applications Specialist, Pro Audio
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