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Default Re: Auto-Bank to selected track

I'm really just trying to understand this from the 19.5 manual.

"Auto-Bank to Track Mode
These settings let you define how banking follows channel selection. These settings apply to all Select methods (tapping to select tracks in the Tracks matrix, pressing a channel Select switch, or selecting a DAW track on-screen).
Off Banking ignores channel selection.
If Not Visible on Surface Banking ignores track selection if that track is already on the surface. For example, on a 16 fader system
displaying tracks 1–16, selecting track 15 will not bank the surface but selecting track 17 (or any other off-bank track) will bank.
Always When enabled, the surface will always bank to the currently selected track."

Regardless of the setting Off, If Not Visible on Surface and Always. Selecting a track in the track matrix, on the surface or in Pro Tools the behavior is the same for me. The behavior that is happening is if I select a track in Pro Tools with the mouse it is always left justifying it on the console. If I select on the tracks matrix if it is view it will not justify to the left. Of course off shouldn't do that, so it is almost like it is in a hybrid mode where it works in clicking Pro Tools to the surface without holding down control+shift.

I feel like things are behaving oddly perhaps based on other preferences. I couldn't get your workflow you mentioned in a video of "Attention Most Recently Selected Track" with the Scroll to Track in Pro Tools Comtion (Command+Option (⌥)) + F. Now it is working and I can't get it to stop working with that preference unchecked. I have restarted Pro Tools too.

I hope that is more clear.
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