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Default Re: Avid Pre calibration question

Originally Posted by albee1952 View Post
Good suggestions above. Here is how I would try it(not knowing any better). I would create a session with an AUX track sending(use the Signal Generator plugin) a 1KHz tone out any output NOT in use for monitoring. Patch that(with a physical cable) to each input of the Pre and feed each channel to a separate track in Pro Tools. Put those tracks in Input mode and watch the track meters. Compare against each other(adjust trimmers on the Pre for identical readings). And, compare against the output level of the signal gen track. This might not be technically "perfect", but certainly can result in matching levels
Seems like that would work. Though it totally ignores Avid's User Guide mention that the inbuilt oscillator can be used to calibrate the Pre. I assume they had some reason to add the additional (non-free) circuitry to the unit.
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