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Default Re: Avid Pre calibration question

Originally Posted by arche3 View Post
How are you using the pre? Microphones?
Mostly. Also guitar and bass to the INST inputs, and various line level gear to the LINE inputs and insert RTNs.

Summing mixers?
Not at this point. It would seem to me to make more sense to run a summing mixer direct to the ADC, skipping the additional gain stages of the Pre, no?

You can calibrate the input on the audio interface for pairs of mic pre outputs of the digi pre.
Not sure what you are saying here. In a previous thread, we covered the calibration of my HD I/O. But that cal is per channel, not per pair.

I'm not even sure what the trim pot does on the mic pre units.
I guess that makes two of us. Or more (given any lurkers). All I know so far is that the trim pot affects the level as measured at the DB25 of any signal injected at the LINE input.

It would be nice if Avid provided more info on exactly where in the signal flow the trim pot is placed. Somewhat astonished that they provided a user-accessible control with no solid information regarding its use.
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