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Default Re: The problem with automation

Originally Posted by Disound View Post
Thanks for the answer!

In my opinion sometimes this feature is uncomfortable. For example I often have to add different sound effects to the session's timeline during sound editing for movies. And when all tracks are displayed as waveforms, automation's curves are not visible. Therefore each time I have to check it again and again.

I encounter this problem not only with working with the cliplist, but also with workspace, soundly, etc.

Thank you for your advice! I'll try PT Control on an iPad.
If you're in post, you will want all of your tracks to be at some neutral setting for the entire session, and you should only be automating the section or scene that you're working on, leaving everything before and after at the neutral setting. Preview and Write to Selection are especially useful functions for working in this manner. If you start this kind of workflow, you won't have this problem. Make sense?
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