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Default Re: Adjusting Clipgain with jog wheel in PT 2018.12 causing Pt to crash

After working a while with PT 19.5, PTC 19.5, new OS 10.13 itīs really a big pleasure to edit and mix with the dock and the artist mixes. Even the EQ, Dyn cycling works as I wanted, great. Using the Jog Wheel without crashes again makes the work more efficient, but this obviously should be the normal condition.
But with this, itīs even more frustrating not to be able to switch off the shift function for the artists. As Iīm very often in shift mode for wheel functions (Clip Gain etc.), Iīm always struggling with this transport functions, when Iīm soloing or muting VCA Groups on my mix panels. Thatīs really a bummer.
Other question is about the Eq and Dyn layout in the Channel Mode. When I select an EQ (FabFilter) via the insert function in PTC it has a completely different layout to the selection via EQ. That makes one option really useless. As there was no EQ/Dyn Cycling before, I wrote all my presets for the insert select option. Now itīs much quicker to choose the EQ via EQ select, but the layout is a jungle. Canīt this be unified? Would be very helpful.
Last thing I recognized is, that the wheel function for Mark In and Out is always forgotten after a restart. Maybe I have to reinstall EU-Control, maybe itīs a common bug.
So far, Stefan
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