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Default Re: D-Command to D-Control

Originally Posted by andrej770 View Post
I have a D-Control and its been basically worry free for years. I've had no faders or meters go bad. I have had my LED PSU go out in one fader pack. So I bought new PSU's for all units and replaced them all at the same time. No other issues whatsoever. Yes its old tech, and No, AVID does not support it in any way, shape or fashion. But...Its a control surface. It's a great to have, but if mine went out I'm skilled enough to get everything done in PT. Additionally, there are companies that service these and will for the foreseeable future. Unless you are rough with the console and mistreat it and or don't do an adequate job protecting it, power and elements, it will work beautifully. Size does matter here, however. LOL. But I will tell you, I have a mental (and skill frankly) advantage over other studios due to the sheer size and mental "weight" artist place on me having and operating one of these massive boards. Knowing how to use every function requires expertise and attention to detail. If you have the space and the spare change to buy a used one, move immediately to the D-Control. You'll have bigger muscles (from lifting it) and a better studio experience in the end.
Agree. D control is a monster in studio aesthetics.

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