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Default Re: D-Command to D-Control


I've been using a D-Command for a decade and love it! I too have seen prices on D-Controls drop and have considered the same question. My concerns are:

The D-Control is a lot bigger than the D-Command and I have talked with some long time D-Control users who complain about how far a reach it is to get to the top of the console.

Less faders-
I am quite accustomed to 24 faders, dropping to 16 would take some adjustment

Longevity and parts-
Buying a used D-Control that is no longer supported by Avid means a shrinking supply of parts available as time goes on. I'm already collecting and stockpiling faders and other spare parts for my D-Command as some parts are already becoming harder to find.

So I personally am sticking with my D-Command. But let us know what you decide to do!
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