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Default Re: Best Compressors - Mix Buss vs tracking

FXpansion DCAM Freecomp is a great bus compressor and free
If you have a Focusrite you probably have Red 3 on your account. I've heard many famous mixers use it.
Another freebie by Acustica Audio, some people love their stuff, some like me can't even run them
TAN and DCAM are simulations of the SSL master bus which has been the device most associated with the term glue, but since glue is a concept not a compressor basically whatever plugin that works for you should be good. I sometimes use Waves V-comp with good results, other times I don't use nothing but 9 out of 10 times the compresor sounds better

About the others, I can only give you ideas, the goal is to use what works but knowing what they are helps. Being optical the LA2A and Joemeek probably work good on vocals and other stuff that benefit from slow attack times, BF76 is one of my favorite, FETs are fast and have great character, I use it everywhere from bass to vocals to drums, etc, especially because the attack and release controls make it very versatile. The Fairchild is a Vari-Mu, it can be unpredictable but it magically works and you will see people using it everywhere not only as a compressor but as a color box if the emulation was faithful. The stock Digi Comp can be all you want, it's a good compressor with internal and external sidechain, soft and hard knee, it has a clear graphic... it does everything and for me was a great tool to learn
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