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Default Re: waves insert mapping got mirrored

Also I noticed when waves released their update a few months back (9.91 i think) that was advertised to finally "fix plugin control maps for S3 and S6" i actually found that for some of their plugins this update actually broke the maps on the S3 and artist series even worse then they were before.

seems like they were just focused on fixing the s6 and didn't actually check what they were doing was actually positive on the lesser eucon surfaces

For example waves VITAMIN - harmonic enhancer with 5 separate bands from low to high pretty straightforward interface to map with not many parameters, similar layout to WNS. On previous versions I had access to all the parameters for this on the S3 and artist series (and ipad app) they were just mirrored horizontally so a little counter intuitive. but they were all there and laid out in a single row, just backwards

Then I installed their update hoping it would fix the mirroring and all that happened is the bands got weirdly spread out in seemingly random order, not mirrored anymore but in a way that made even less sense.

but its been this way for several months and several versions of eucon I believe.

I assumed it was just impossible for the third party plugins to optimize the maps both for the S6 and the lesser eucon surfaces, so obviously they have to pick making the big guys happy.
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