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Default Re: template headphone send for 003 PTLE8?

My setup feeds the main mix to the headphone amp(HA4700) and I rarely need more than that. If I do, I have 4 outputs of the 003 patched into each of the 4 sections of the headphone amp so 4 players can have "more me". My space is not big enough for more than that anyway. Something to keep in mind about aux sends feeding headphones. If they are set to Post-fader, you can't solo anything as it will interrupt the headphone feeds. If you go Pre-fader, when you mute a track, it is NOT muted in the phones(this can cause some nasty results if you unplug a phantom powered mic while someone has phones on; you think its muted but the player gets an ear dart). I vote for DIGI to change this in the next release. MUTE should mute EVERYTHING on a given track. Where's that feature request link?
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