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Default Re: The I/O Layout of the Audio hardware has been...HELP!

This JUST started happening to me. I'm running PT 11 on Yosemite and have been for over a year now. What changed is that I switched from an M-Box 2 Pro to a brand new Focusrite Saffire PRO 24. Also - this issue started occurring about 2 weeks after I started using the interface, not right away. Firmware is updated, software is installed - I'm not running any other audio software. Also potentially related is that the issue first occurred when I was using a MaxMSP standalone while PT was open. I assumed that this is what caused the issue, and was surprised and disappointing to see that the issue continued the next time I booted up PT. I cannot keep dealing with this - there must be a fix! I'm guessing some default somewhere has been skewed.
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