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Default Avid fail

I've tried everything and nothing has worked. It really sucks. I often have session with several huge sample libraries such as EWQL Pianos and it takes three minutes just to load, only to say it needs to close and re-open... and again and again and again. Usually on the third or fourth try the "auto" re-configure is complete. It's ridiculous and tedious. It takes me ten minutes just to get a darn session open.

It makes me miss PT8 when any session would just open up and figure out all the playback and I/O settings. There was no special boot order required.

My admittedly older setup, although I've heard this still happens with new computers and new interfaces. I'd love to hear from someone using PT 11 with zero issues and what computer / interface they have.

early2008 Mac Pro
Mavericks 10.9.3
Digi002 (w/ Digi003 family drivers)
Pro Tools 11.latest
Pearlman Church Microphone > Great River MP-2NV > Warm Audio WA-76 > Apogee Symphony MK II 8x8+8MP > PT2018 on 2018 Mac Mini with 32GB of RAM running Mojave.
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