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Default Re: Link Track and Edit Selection not working

Maybe this may help?

Originally Posted by daveyc View Post
You are correct that there have been some tweaks to dynamic transport. The changes are the same in PT | Standard and PT | Ultimate... so no trickery on our part.
We have put a lot of energy into what we are calling 'continuous playback', which is an effort to remove most (many) of the little interrupts, hiccups, and glitches a user has to endure during playback when making timeline mods, instantiating plug-ins, adding and/or removing tracks, etc. We wanted to create an environment where a user could engage the transport and work uninterrupted without loosing sync or experiencing drop-outs or glitches with the focus being for music creation... staying in the flow.
This particular behavior was intentional. The idea was that when a loop end point was pulled in front of where the playhead currently was, the playhead would continue to play on, uninterupted.
In order to keep looping, a user would make sure the playheads was always within the loop points. If a loop needed to be shortened, it would need to be done while the playhead was still in the area prior to where the end point was being moved to.
I have received one additional complaint about this, so I will revaluate if this behavior is correct and potentially change it in the future. It seemed intuitive during development and behaved that way in some other DAWs that have a better rep for maintaining continuous playback during music creation.
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