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Default Re: Dante Virtual Soundcard

Originally Posted by lancemcv View Post
Did you check your IO settings, in the end we had exactly 32 tracks to record for the Chris Janson on the backup record show so I never did find out if audio would have gone up over into 33 and up. But you are using Pro Tools Ultimate so you don't have the 32 track count limit. I will have to test this again next time I go to the venue.
What hardware are you using do you have 48 channels of IO? I have 48 channels MP8r mic pres and 64 channels of io on my main rig and can record up to 48 tracks with that setup and more if I add more pres.
For my test, I was just running DVS in 64x64 mode, and mult'ing a Dante source to all those inputs (I don't actually have 64 channels of real I/O, but this is opaque to CoreAudio and thus Pro Tools).

With CoreAudio, you can put more than 32 channels into record but only the first 32 will record audio; it's bad UX, so caveat emptor. HDX/HD Native is required for more than 32 channels.
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