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Default Re: Clips suddenly referencing wrong audio

Originally Posted by SFXgeek View Post
Just had this happen too and it is very troubling, just updated recently to 2019.12 and now having tons of import audio issues.
This one was a session in our edit room which i had just opened multiple times in the edit room, then imported the session data into our mix room and on import gave the message about " invalid bounds etc.." same message as this user is reporting and it replaced a bunch of audio within the session. Did not save, went back into the edit room and now the edit room session is giving the same message and we now have lost a lot of work that is due to be mixed tomorrow!!
Ugh. Was hoping this was an isolated issue. I had thought perhaps it might be related to naming a track with a "/" in the name, which I thought was a no no (and the app prohibitted), but it allowed me to do it this time. I'm bouncing stems (DX/MX etc) to be safe, and now may bounce back to my previous version (12.4 I think it is) since someone else is experiencing same problem.
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