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Default Clips suddenly referencing wrong audio

This is fixed in v2020.3.


I'm editing in a sumation of this thread's discussion at the beginning for those who might not stick through it to the end. It appears to be a particularly heinous bug that a number of users have now experienced:
1. Create session in 19.12 (from template or not)
2. Import session data from another session that had last been saved in a PREVIOUS version of PTs
3. Work happily for as long as the session stays open
4. Close session/reopen session
5. Get warning "Some clips had invalid bounds and were adjusted or deleted"
6. Now many clips in the imported tracks refer to the incorrect audio files, or have just been deleted.

There is NO way to recover the tracks that have corrupted. You can't "save copy in" (this crashed PTs every time in my case). You CAN import remaining tracks (that weren't imported in step 2) into a fresh session to salvage THAT work.

To AVOID the issue (I think), is to open all sessions in current version and "save as" before you try and import session data between them.

Bellow is my original first post:

I was working on a session. Closed and opened a different session. When I returned to the first session I got a warning dialogue "Some clips had invalid bounds and were adjusted or deleted". Now a number of clips in the session (that were imported from a different session originally BTW) are playing the wrong audio, or have been deleted. All indications in the clip list and clip info say it is the right audio, but they are pointing to the wrong files. Dug into the session backups and all appear to be corrupted as well. Anyone else experience this?
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