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Default midi interface USB for Laptop what works?

I have a problem with my Mackie Control and XT (extender) I have an m audio 2x2 connected to my laptop. I am getting crashes in protools with the MCU hooked up. I recently noticed that I get a "ran out of token" errors. This lead me to a bit of info mainly suggesting that the m audio interfaces don't work well with the mackie and protools. One suggestion was to use a joystick port midi interface but that won't work with my laptop. I have tried the token.txt fix and even the m-audio midifix to no avail. Other than this my system is performing well, if I use the mackie MCU connected to the Digi002 midi in I have no trouble.

The question is....who has an 002 with a mackie MCU and an extender connected to a usb port and has it working. If you have an M audio 2x2 what did you do to make it work or if you have something else what is it?

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