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Originally Posted by ondruspat View Post
I'm not sure of the current regulations, but before 1998 all bars, clubs, etc., were required to pay ASCAP/BMI fees if they hosted entertainment or even had a jukebox playing. This extended to the "muzak" that you heard in grocery stores and doctors offices. I know the '98 Sensenbrenner Amendment to the copyright law exempted most of the businesses from paying these fees (mostly because of pressure from the medical lobbyists) but I think that most entertainment venues (bar and clubs) still have it as a licensing requirement.

I used to up on all these regulations. Before '98 I ran a company that provided background music for business customers, part of our service was covering royalty fees. The change in '98 destroyed that company, and ruined the income flow for many writers and artists.
Interesting. I have heard of club owners getting in trouble for not paying up on royalties from cover tunes played by bands, but was curious about how stores and other businesses are regulated. Especially since I've been in stores where the music playing was clearly an internet radio station.
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