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Default Re: computer compatibility/hard drives

I doubt any parts of a 7 year old anything would work with new stuff. In the Pro Tools LE on Windows thread, there's a stick about i7 builds and that would be my first stop(hit page 1, then skip to the last few pages). In general, most folks are building instead of buying, or buying from a source that specializes in DAW computers like RAIN or Sweetwater. Building your own will save you at least $1K over those dealers. Some general rules:
intel i7 is the way to go. 2600K is the lowest I would go. Socket 1366 i7 950(x58 mobo) and up are really proven and solid(but some would say old). The new socket 2011 Sandybridge(on x79 mobo) is the new trendsetter(with the price to match). RAM (the new stuff uses DDR3)should be matched to the mobo(6 or 12GB for triple channel, 8 or 16GB for dual or quad(x79). Big power supplies with beefy 12V rails are needed(split rail should be 18A or better, single rail should be over 50A). For video cards(PCIe), Avid recommends nVidia Quadro, which are expensive, but many are having success with cheaper nVidia cards and even a few ATI cards. If you have SATA drives, those can be re-used
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