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Default Magma Power Supply Failure Signs

Back in November of 2009, I started having my HD 192 start to go offline and lose digital clock connection from my core card and 2 accel cards that are in my Magma chassis. Mine is the older 32bit 33mhz PCI/PCIX chassis which is about 7 years old. However, when this kept happening, mostly when it was sitting idle or overnight, I would just shutdown and restart and I would be ok. Then it got to the point that it was doing this every 2-3 hours. I ran Digitest and all my cards checked out fine. I then checked my APC UPS device and noticed that the led's that showed the load had no led's lit. This meant that something was internally wrong with the UPS or I had power supply issues with my 192 and or my Magma Chassis which both were plugged into. After talking to Magma and Digi, I replaced the 320 watt, "cheapo" power supply with a slightly better 500 watt one from Best Buy and my offline/clocking issues have ceased and my entire system is more robust. Just thought I would share that with those who may be having 192 clocking and offline issues.
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