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Default Re: PT8 Crashes on launch

Originally Posted by sonicapg View Post

I have a problem with PT8.My interface is Mbox2 Mini,& installation was performed on clean [restored to the factory default using the HP recovery utility ,that is FORMATING the system hdd ,and restore system to factory shipping condition] HP Laptop ,using Windows Vista Home .

Before I continue ,I need to make something crystal clear:
__________________________________________________ ______________
This laptop ,using the Windows Vista,was running PT 7.4 fine with no issues.
__________________________________________________ ______________
Therefore I assume my system has not any compatibility issues.
Here are the steps i followed

1.Restored the system
2.Removed the Norton Internet security software
3.Updated Windows using windows update recommended
4.Followed all the steps in system optimisation Digidesign page
5.Installed the PT8 system,installation was completed with no issued other except QuickTime wasnt installed and i was asked to install it.

At the time the ....system is being restore to factory condition,this is why i cant post detailed system information.Any help will really appreciated.
Thank you
When system crashes no error message appears ,its a windows Blue Screen Of Death
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