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Default Re: Cleaning S6 Surface

Thanks for the suggestion! I want to try it to see if it works as well as what I've been using, which is more expensive. Novus #1 Plastic Clean and Shine takes away fingerprints and leaves an anti-static surface. Works nicely on the screens also. Novus #1 is not abrasive.

Novus also makes plastic scratch removers #2 (fine) and #3 (coarse) which MIGHT come in handy in the future. I have used all three products on antique plastic, cataline, bakelite, etc. Use #3 for deep scratches followed by 2 for surface scratches. #2 leaves a high shine, followed by #1 to finish and preserve.

For S6 textured sides and back I've been very satisfied with Bona laminate floor cleaner. The textured plastic traps all sorts of particles when rubbed with anything. Once Bona cleaned and dry, a vacume will remove those particles.
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