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Default Looking to replace my Mbox Pro 3

I bought the Mbox Pro 3 earlier this year second hand, it really looked quite amazing, and did everything I needed it too.
...Unfortunately as most of you know, Windows and the Mbox Pro 3 really don't get along, I've tried so many different things to get this thing to be stable, but it's just a battle I'm not gonna win.
I've been trying to find an audio interface which will fit the needs I thought the Mbox would satisfy.
At least two inputs, love the mono button to check my mixes, and the input meters on the front are so helpful for when I'm recording a video or something, so I know I'm not clipping with a quick glance.
I really am struggling to find something at least somewhat similar to the Mbox, I thought maybe I could get a regular interface, and somehow have an external audio meter for my inputs, but I think that might be a bit of a pipe dream on a budget haha.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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