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Default Re: Arturia servers down?

Originally Posted by musicman691 View Post
That $69 - is that Aussie dollars or what? I ask because it's $49 US dollars if you own other Arturia stuff. I have VC4/5/6 and wouldn't be caught dead without VCollection 6. Especially the Synclavier and DX7. I have NI's DX8 and it's a right pain in the arse to work with. With the Arturia DX7 can change algorithms at will like my old DX7 which can't be easily done in NI's emulation. I like being able to just pop through the algo's using the same settings. It's like Forrest Gump might say: you never know what you're going to get. I came up with some fascinating sounds that way.

I didn't get on with Pigments when it first dropped but not I liked it enough to buy it.

Oh yeah because I have VC6 my upgrade to VC7 is $99. I don't really need a Casio or a Mellotron emulation.
Nope, 69 USD.. and I have spark hardware and software registered, many spark expansions, 3 individual synths and V collection 4 in my account. Maybe they are being arses about it and making VC 5 or something the minimum to get the $49 price. Sorry but that's almost 500 Australian dollars to upgrade from v collection 4 to 7, and I refuse to pay it.
I didn't even buy komplete 12 when it was on 50% sale as I thought my K11 ultimate has enough. Honestly I kind of regret that though.. Put it this way, in AU, upgrading to the komplete ultimate *collector's edition* on the recent and very fair sale, is cheaper than upgrading to V collection 7 and getting a few synths. I just won't do it. If they have a sale one day and offer it to me at 199 like they used to, I may then :)
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