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Default Re: Pro Tools SE not recognising M-Audio Fast Track Pro even though it is connected

Originally Posted by josans View Post
I recently bought am M-Audio Fast Track Pro interface. I installed the bundled Pro Tools SE (v 8.0.3), installed the Fast Track Pro driver (v 6.0.7).

The Fast Track Pro control panel says the interface is "connected". However, when I launch Pro Tools SE I get an alert box that states:

Unable to locate Avid hardware. Make sure your hardware is connected and turned on. Click "OK" when hardware is ready.

However, the hardware is both connected and turned on. Furthermore, other audio apps. such as Adobe Soundbooth CS5 pick it up perfectly well and function without issue. Very annoyed that Pro Tools SE refuses to recognise the interface, especially when it is the version bundled with the kit.

Any suggestions/workarounds would be appreciated.
As usual nobody to help, I know how you feel like because I have the same problem and no one to help
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