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Default Re: 2 recording issues that just popped up

This might be best solved by watching some youtube videos on"getting started in Pro Tools"(without the quotes). Some things to consider:
1-Alt-K is toggling Input Monitoring off and on. Its the green "button" with the I in it. The reason to have that ON, is so you can hear your input while you rehearse your part. To actually hear while recording your part, you want that setting OFF, so when you drop into record, you can hear what you are playing as it records. When transport is stopped, you should be able to hear your input, no matter what the green button setting.

2-There are multiple ways to enter recording. With the red R button lit on your track, that means its ready to record(and waiting for your command). To start recording instantly, you could hit F12, or the 3 on the numeric pad(the cluster of numbers at the right end of a full-sized keyboard). Another option is the enable Record on the main transport(either at the top of the EDIT window, or on the floating Transport window, if you show that). With that "master record" button lit, spacebar will start recording.

3-Quick-punch recording is another option and this can be set to automatic(using Pre-Roll and Post-Roll) or controlled with a foot-switch(if your interface has a foot-switch jack). If it doesn't, consider adding a Presonus Faderport to your setup. It has a foot-switch jack and several other cool features(the original version still works with the newest Pro Tools and its a bargain).
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