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Default Re: Spill Folder Tracks

The 20.4 release at the end of April will do this: On a folder track strip on the surface there's a new Open/Close button, this operates the same as the one on the track in PT. On the Tracks screen on the Master Module there's a new category called Tracks and a new button next to Inp, Solo, Mute, Rec etc. to Open and Close them. On the Master Module the Type button (left of the softkeys) now shows Folder Tracks and these can then be 'spilled' onto the surface or into a spill zone. This is the Folders not the contents. In the preferences there are 3 new options next to the Show Hidden Tracks options to allow Folder Child tracks to be shown in banking, layouts and spill zones even when the Folder is closed.
So whilst there is no spill contents of X Folder into a spill zone at the moment, working in backing mode will work the same as the PT Mix/Edit window, hiding and showing folder.
The feature release after 20.4 will then have full Folder Spill similar to VCA spill.
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