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Default Re: So what's REALLy going on?

Originally Posted by DonaldM View Post
I have to respectfully disagree. Granted there are many great libraries out there that sound different...but "better" is relative in so many ways. Personally I find their RA, Silk and Voices of Passion libraries outstanding and gorgeous sounding. So far, I've had no problems using the Play engine either. EW sounds great, and are easy to use, in my opinion.

I too signed up for the $29 per month plan. It is my first monthly subscription for a DAW related product. I think it is a fantastic deal for music makers. Being able to log into my account and cancel and start again with no penalty is great too.

I already own the Complete Composers Collection Gold and have faired quite well with it as a freelance producer. So, not having the platinum extras with my plan is fine.

This is the first time my internet provider contacted me about almost reaching a monthly download limit. (I've already downloaded several large libraries with no issues at all).

It's been great for me.
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