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Originally Posted by Matt_G View Post
I've just been setting up these templates and if I just stick to 44.1 or 48kHz the presets work but if I go to 88.2 or 96k the system delay keeps changing to the point where the saved templates become slightly out. I've made sure the HW buffer size is the same and nothing has changed on the Lynx side but there's something about 2X FS that makes the system delay go funky. I then have to reboot the Mac before the 1x FS templates are working properly again.
Maybe it's a system depending issue. It works ok on mine...

Also, the delay changes if you have or not the "ignore errors during playback/recording" box checked.

Originally Posted by Matt_G View Post
So this manual HW compensation system is not stable. Really in 2019 Avid should step up their game and provide real-time hardware delay compensation through pinging the interface/converters/hardware in every session so that the end user doesn't have to manually work it out each time. I need something reliable and repeatable. It's crazy that Reaper, StudioOne, Ableton, Cubase, Nuendo etc. all have this for 3rd party interfaces but Avid still hasn't done this. It's really making me think Pro Tools is not so 'Pro' anymore.
Can't agree more. Hope Avid address this aspect in the near future features.
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