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Default Re: Mac Pro 5.1 for PT 2018?

Originally Posted by danieleither View Post
I'm currently using PT10 HD3 on a Mac Pro 3.1 8-core system. It runs pretty well provided I stick to mostly DSP plugins. I do like using a LOT of plugins in my work and I find it won't cope with many native plugins and runs out of memory easily, despite the system having 32gb. I believe PT10 can only utilise 4gb so this may be the reason why.

I've been considering upgrade to a PT12 or newer HDX setup for a while now (mostly due to the offline bounce and track rendering functionality) however I also understand that the newer tech will handle native plugins more efficiently?

I will also upgrade the MAC. I despise the cylindrical shape of the newer 6.1 Mac Pros so I'm considering a used 5.1 system and would be grateful if people could advise what spec I should be looking for? e.g. 6-core of 12-core? Is 3.46GHz processor enough? Is 32gb enough memory or should I be looking at 48gb / 64gb / 96gb etc?

With regards my usage, I'm a home-studio producer working on my own music only. Only recording a few tracks simultaneously, most of the time tracking one track at a time. Mixture of analogue tracks and virtual instruments 50/50 and typical track counts 35-50.

What I'm looking to achieve is to be able to use a lot more native plugins (e.g. Soundtoys, Izotope, Waves) rather than be restricted to the Avid DSP plugins even though they are excellent.
I use an upgraded Mac Pro 5,1 with Pro Tools 2018.12 MacOS 10.13.6 (see sig for full details). I have no issues whatsoever with this combo.

I would definitely look for dual processor 8 or 12 core machine and upgrade the processors to 3.46 which is the highest you can get for the 5,1. Also consider putting an SSD boot drive on the PCI bus.
Mac Pro 5,1 3.46 Ghz 12 core, AMD 7970 GPU, SSD boot drive on 6Gb/sec PCIe card, 64GB RAM, MacOS 10.14.6.
Pro Tools Ultimate 2019.12. HDX, UA Octo PCIe cards, HD I/O, C|24 control surface.
Mostly Avid, Waves, Sonnex and UAD Plug-ins
Genelec 1031AP/7070A 5.1 monitoring.
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