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Default Re: Modern motherboard for original PCI HD Core and Process cards

I've built both the Gigabyte GA-P55-UD3L and the Intel H55HC, each with an i7 870, and each have successfully run Pro Tools. I had to use an ATI chipset graphics card (despite the fact that only Nvidea is "Avid approved").

However, NEITHER will allow a Mojo to export video through the FireWire port. On the Gigabyte it returns a "Overloading CPU... Error -6031" error anytime the Mojo is plugged in. Regardless of video in the session or not. Regardless of driver status (modern vs. 'legacy').

The Intel doesn't have an onboard FireWire port, so I purchased the Avid approved SIIG PCIe to 1394 card. The Intel doesn't return -6031 errors-- but it also doesn't output video via FireWire. With modern drivers it won't allow Pro Tools to fully boot up, returning "Could not complete your request because The media is write protected (19) ." Whatever that means! Legacy drivers are required to even get video to even consider initializing. Eventually I was able to output stuttered & delayed video but now I can't even manage to do that.

FireWire works fine for an external hard drive, but not for real-time video output.

If you don't need to run video ON AN AVID PERIPHERAL (!) either works very well.


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