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Unhappy DigiRewire.dpm is crashing my system...

I got a dual-core Mac Pro with 5gb ram, running Snow Leopard 10.6.2. And I'm running PTLE 8.0, until a few hrs ago, when the 8.0.3 was installed.
Well, here's the problem...A few weeks ago, when I switched to Snow Leopard, I noticed upon startup, the system would hang when it was loading the DigiRewire.dpm. I would then have to force quit, and try again with no luck. So I went to plugins folder and dragged the digirewire.dpm file to the desktop, and started ptools, and it started flawlessly and was able to open sessions and create new ones.
The only other plugins i use are Amplitube 2, Guitar Rig 3 and T-racks 3. and Reason 4. Now I don't know which of those use the rewire plugin, but I've used the first 3 that i've listed with now problem. So which plugin installs the digirewire.dpm file and is anyone else having this problem. And now i notice that my garageband refuses to start also? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
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