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Default Re: Focusrite 18i8, iMac High Sierra, Midi keyboard

Let's get back to basics. Once the P105 MIDI is connected to your computer download the free MIDI monitor program called snoize. Install it and run it outside of PT. Play the P105 and if things are connected right you'll see some items come up in the snoize display. For instance if you play some notes you should see an indication of that in snoize. Some keyboards that have both 5 pin MIDI and USB MIDI will only output on one or the other b ut not both at the same time - check the setup preferences on the P105.

Assuming you see activity in snoize then PT should automatically see input from the P105. I find these MIDI monitor programs like snoize on a Mac and MIDI-OX on Windows to be indispensible when tracking down MIDI issues.
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