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Default Re: Focusrite 18i8, iMac High Sierra, Midi keyboard

Yamaha responded to my request for help. The driver suggested did add a Preference panel to the MacOS System Prefs. However, the pick list of devices is empty. PT still does not "see" the piano, and Audio MIDI Setup still has Yamaha as manufacturer but not the P-105 in the model list. I sent Yamaha support screen shots; perhaps that will spark an idea in their mind.

I am going to test the cable. I don't think it is faulty as it worked at one point. I still think the primary problem is between the chair and keyboard.

Ben, I set up a new track. No joy with the piano. However, I learned that for the direct line from the guitar amp I need to use an Instrument track. It now records as desired! I also learned to add a master fader. All clearly noob issues, so I need to go to school on this.
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