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Default How do I apply an Avid Store discount?

My Upgrade Plan will expire on Feb 17.

Last year, the Avid Store botched charging my credit card until July. I raised a case. I was granted a 25% discount which I'm trying to use today to renew my Upgrade Plan.

I tried entering all the payment info, half expecting to see a place to apply the discount code before agreeing to the $99 charge. There wasn't.

I backed out, started over and entered the discount code in the Support Renewal Code box. It's telling me the code has been used (it hasn't) and if it hasn't, contact Avid Customer Care.

Customer Care doesn't appear to be set up for this kind of task. I can't get past the dropdown "What's your problem?" questions.

At this point it appears that I can pay the $99 fee in full, but not apply the discount. I don't want to get past the point of doing this properly. Can someone guide me here?

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