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Default Best Imac for Protools 2019

I'm looking to upgrade my System.. What Imac would you recommend? I've been using a MacBook Pro with PT10 & OSX 10.8.5 for the past few years.

But, it's not compatible with newer Plugins & other upgrades. This old OS won't even log in to Sweetwater in case I want Tech Support or even Shop...

I have a PreSonus 16.4.2 Interface that I would like to continue using if that's possible.. I use 2 Glyph External Hard Drives to Store & Backup all my Projects.

I do want a larger Screen. At least 21".. or Ideally 2 Screens..

Budget is always a concern but don't want something that will be obsolete in a couple years...

I apprecite your feedback.


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