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Default Re: Midi input suddenly not working after random amount of time

Originally Posted by Satur View Post
Hey everyone,

I've got a problem with my midi input devices in Pro Tools 12.7.1 on Windows 10. Up until yesterday midi has been working perfectly fine for me, but yesterday I suddenly had no midi input while working in Pro Tools from both my midi-devices (A Roland TD-4 e-drumset and a Studiologic SL88Grand midi-keyboard). So I restarted Pro Tools and it worked again! But only for a short time.. Until suddenly, while playing and without me changing anything at all, it stopped working again.
So now, every time I open Pro Tools I only have a short time to use midi until it just randomly stops working. Sometimes after seconds, sometimes after 20 minutes. Both devices stop working then and they stop working across all sessions (until I restart Pro Tools). While Pro Tools is open and receiving no midi input, I can open other DAWs and they will work just fine and receive midi input.

I am really kind of clueless as to why this is happening. Also, I have no idea why it suddenly started happening yesterday. I didn't update any software, any drivers or change my system in any way in the last couple days (as far as I can recall).

I'm running Pro Tools as admin, I've tried trashing prefs, restarting windows and restarting my audio/midi-interface. My interface's drivers are up to date.

When the midi inputs stop working, the midi devices do not disappear from the list. Also, it says [emulated] behind all of my midi inputs, is this supposed to be the case?

Any help would be appreciated!

Are you using USB ports? I ran into this and found that if I used MIDI ports and a dedicated power supply on an Axiom 49 those issues went away. Also make sure, if you already haven't done so, that if using USB disable "SLEEP Mode" on all USB ports.

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