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Default Re: Download error (Communication error)

Glad you moved onto Pro Tools Standard.

I would uninstall Cloud Collaboration components as well as Avid Link. Neither work well. And unfortunately First's dependence on cloud collaboration was a mistake, it has not been reliable. Not the way to launch new untested technology (Avid should have make this an option only and shown value in that to gather adoption, not jam it down poor unsuspecting new users throats). Make sure you follow the systems optimization steps under "help us help you" up the top of each DUC web page. While all that seems awkward try to do all you can.. it can make a large difference to Pro Tools stability/performance.

The plugin crippling with Pro Tool First is just so annoying. Third party plugin vendors have shunned the store like the plague, so Pro Tools First is a barren plugin island. And it has a toxic side effect that Avid likely never thought of. Anybody with Pro Tools Standard or Ultimate installed usually has a good collection of third party plugins. The moment those users try to run Pro Tools First on their computer they are met with a slew of Plugin Errors about all those third partly plugins not working in First, it's too painful to even try to start up. The unfortunate side effect is lots of experienced Pro Tools users, including folks on DUC, just cannot run First, and the product gets shunned here. It's just such a badly thought out mess.
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