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Default Re: Download error (Communication error)

You mean you went to the ujam website and downloaded dope and hustle from there? Pro Tools First is crippled and only runs with plugins purchased and delivered by the Avid Store. I believe it also works with versions downloaded from your Avid Account. I will be surprised if it works with plugins downloaded from a vendor’s website.

Folks here gave you specific instructions for a reason. If you downloaded from the ujam website I would try uninstalling those plugins and try downloading and reinstalling the plugins from your account. If that does not work contact Avid support, they are the only folks who can sort out licensing issues. If you get stuck there post your support incident number here and folks here may be able to escalate that.

Unfortunately Avid Link is not very well written and can be flakey at times. Personally I would not invest my time in Pro Tools First, not when there are so many other DAWs available, including Pro Tools Standard.(And I uninstall Link with Pro Tools standard... less unneeded crapware on the system, and I have systems security concerns with Link).

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