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Default Re: Pro tools 10 express unable to locate hardware?

Originally Posted by cfmfam View Post
...I uninstalled program and reverted back to 10.3.3 version. this time, installed with no error messages, however now a description message pops up saying "Unable to locate hardware, please plug in hardware and click "ok" when ready." Well my Mbox mini says hardware connected and streaming. however pro tools cant read it. I called to tech support and they suggested I download asio4all, however that driver did not work either...
If you did a Clean Uninstall that would have removed the Mbox Mini Driver. Please download and (re)install it from

The ASIO4ALL driver allows Pro Tools to use the built-in computer audio on most systems. Since you have an Mbox Mini you should install the driver for that instead of ASIO4ALL.

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