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Default PT 8 HD/PT9 Compatibility, 10.6.5 compatibility, OMF Logic9/PT9, iLok upgrade

Hi there,

I have just downloaded the crossgrade of PT9 and I have 4 questions before I install. I have found bits and bobs on some of the qs, but nothing definitive. And this looks like the place to post if you want something definitive!

PT 8 HD/PT9 Compatibility

I am working with a studio who use PT 8 HD - in respect of this; is there any reason why I should not upgrade to PT9 at home on my mac book pro - ie will the projects be cross-compatible? Clearly I PT9 will not have all of their plugins etc... but will work I do at home be readable in the studio?

10.6.5 compatibility,

Any more news on this? I would rather not have to reinstall Snow Leopard, if 10.6.5 works 'well enough, with a few glitches'. Is it a suck-it-and-see, or a fatal missmatch?

OMF/AAF Logic9/PT9

Can Logic Pro 9 exported projects (OMF/AAF) be opened in PT9 without any further purchase?

iLok upgrade

Can i get one of those new flashy looking ones? The old one sticks out a mile and a half and looks like a pigeon.

Thanks for your time.

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