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Default Re: HD Native on AMS/Yosemite

Originally Posted by Table Syrup Records View Post
Maybe try reinstalling the HD Drivers?

Also, from Digitest, did you check for firmware updates?

Maybe reset SMC and PRAM?

Only things I can really think of.
Thanks, in the end I've been able to make it kind-of work...
Basically there's a series on incompatibilities between the Avid HD drivers
and Yosemite (not tried on Mavericks yet), so to make it work what I have to do is :
close everything (PT, AMS, CoreAudio Manager) and open Avid CoreAudio Manager.
At that point my HD Native card is always listed as "unsupported device" but all the I/O channels are selectable and usable from within other softwares (tried on Arc2 and Studio One).
Gonna try what happens in Mavericks.
System details :
ProTools Native card, Ultimate 2019.5, MacPro 5,1 12 Core 3.33GHz, 64Gb RAM, Mojave 10.14.4, Lynx Aurora(n), Raven MTi
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