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Default Re: HD Native on AMS/Yosemite

I just did this about 1 week ago on a new iMac 27"

- Clean install of 10.10.1
- Allow update to 10.10.2
- Install Protools 11.3
- Install HD Drivers from 11.3
- I could then run Protools no problem, but there were no ins/outs in AMS
- Ran Digitest and when it said it passed, I then had all of the ins/outs of my 8x8x8 from the HDN Thunderbolt in AMS

- Then I installed NI Machine 2.x (whatever is the most current version) and since it needs to run to index before you run it in a host, that's where I saw there was still a problem with CoreAudio driver.

Did the Digitest program pass and show you the results that match the hardware you have??
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