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All good stuff you've tried. Lots of things to still try to track down here. Clearer info may also help us see potential issues.

Your i5 CPU does not support hyper threading, so that at least means it's not something you need to worry about or test.

Is you system fully optimized? every last thing done? WiFi disabled? Bluetooth disabled? etc. do it all for now.

Could you post a SiSoft Sandra report so we all now exactly what we are dealing with, described under Windows optimization under the "help us help you" link up the top of this Web page. When you copy and paste that report here can you let us know on what disk partitions contain your audio session and VI samples.

What sample rate are you working at?

Make sure "ignore errors" is not checked... you want Pro Tools to fail and provide useful info while trouble shooting. I would uncheck "dynamic plugin processing" and leave it unchecked while troubleshooting more (it may help, may harm (but dont' judge that by what the meters show, only the errors)).

What audio interface and driver version are you running?

How large are your sessions? How many mono tracks and plugin instances and what plugins?

Are you tracking or mixing? i.e. can you just run at 1024 sample size buffer?

Don't forget to keep trashing prefs as you try different things. Use

There are potentially multiple separate possible plugin/processing issues. One is just good old plugin bugs/incompatibility, which removing the .aaxplugin files is a great test for. This can occur for plugin not even instantiated in a session, just installed in Pro Tools, although more likely to happen if that are instantiated.

The other is a possible denomralization type behavior of some plugins. This used to occur much more, I am not even sure if it is exactly possible still, but it's when the plugins are processing very low signal level and they flip into a high-overhead mode of floating point processing in the CPU ("floating point denormalization"). This only happens for plugins that are instantiated in a session and getting no or very low signal levels. It used to happen a lot with SanAmp, D-Verb and some other plugins. The fix is to remove those plugins and use others, or to stick a dither plugin in front of plugins that have this issue so they see a higher signal level. One sign of this happening is when the transport is stopped and there is no audio flowing though the systems those plugins can go nuts and you'll see the CPU meters spiking or bouncing around.

The other issue is just the whole quite inefficient AAX plugin processing in Pro Tools 11, 12, and 2018 and is was significantly improved in 2019.5. One way to really make this look bad was to run long chains of plugins and busses. Plugins in those chains ended up running on the same CPU cores, which could give a markedly skewed CPU utilization distribution, but those also was just a problem in other ways and helped cause CPU related errors. If you have long processing chains you can try removing plugins, using simpler bussing etc. esp. while tracking at small buffer sizes to try to be more efficient. Having these long signal chains can also causes bouncy CPU meter type behavior (but dont' over-fixate in watching CPU meters).

Some of your description make it seem you may be seeing result similar to those in the these last paragraphs above.

Unfortunately lots of useful stuff that may help is not available to you in Pro Tools 11. Disk Cache (which yes can help CPU issues) was added in 12.2.
Track freeze/commit which can be great for offloading CPU load was introduced in Pro Tools in 12.4. IIRC there were a few spot bugs fixed in PT12 and 2018. And now the major rework of threading and plugin CPU performance was introduced recently in 2019.5 (and is going *very* well... look at all the posts in DUC).

You can keep trying to solve this problem, but Pro Tools 11 is rapidly becoming not the place to be. If you have time to test an upgrade you can get a free one month trial of Pro Tools 2019.5 Ultimate and I'd be tempted to stick that in a new full clean Windows install in a spare partition.

Oh and make sure you just don't have a corrupted session, or couple of sessions if they all were copies made from an older session. Try starting with new clean sessions. Including after you remove all the .aaxplugin files, trash prefs etc.

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