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Default Re: New PC recommendation?

This is the spec that's now agreed and paid for, hopefully it'll ship to me next week:

Fractal Design Define R6 gun metal USB Type C
be quiet! Silent Wings 3 140mm, case fan upgrade
650W be quiet Straight Power 11 - 80+ Gold
Intel Core i9 9900K, 4.9GHz All Cores
be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 4
32GB Corsair LPX 2666MHz
250GB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe (system)
1TB Samsung 970 EVO Plus NVMe
1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD
Lycom PE-107 PCI-E, Fire Wire card
Asus EX 3 Thunderbolt Card
Microsoft Windows 10 Home Advanced 64-bit

On my 2012 Macbook Pro I'm running PT 12.4, I'll upgrade that to the current when the new PC arrives. I'm using an MBox Pro 3 hence the firewire card. The Thunderbolt card is to keep my options open when I need to replace the Mbox Pro 3. (it hits end of life sometime next year, I'm fully expecting it to work for a while longer but, things can change).

I had them quote me on two systems, the other was based on a Fractal Designs Node case with a mini ITX board. Pete at Scan was excellent and set up the 9900k on an Asrock Mini ITX board to see if the new Noctua NH-U12A could keep it cool enough in the confined space. Where I live can get pretty hot and between that and the borderline results Pete found, the second spec was "downgraded" to the 8th gen 8700K on the Asrock ITX. I was expecting a larger price difference than it turned out to be (about 112) so I plumbed for the 9900k. To be really honest, I am sure the 8700k would meet my needs without issue, I just got gear lust and went for the latest and slightly better 9900k. I'm not convinced that the 9700k gives better results than the 8700k, if you're looking at the 9700k, compare prices and benchmarks with the 8700k before you take the plunge. Have a read of this re the 9th gen CPUs

Gonna have to rework things a little to find a place to put it but that's OK.

I don't know how this works, I'm unsure if forum rules here prohibit cross posting to another forum but I found Pete at Gearslutz his forum name is Pete Kaine.

I'm stoked! Really looking forward to the new machine and couldn't be happier with Pete and Scan.
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