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Default Dialogue editing workflow

Originally Posted by KingTor View Post
The bottom of the plugin screen, to the left of the "Render" button, should now have a number, which is the amount of handle to be processed, and left of that is a button that says "WHOLE FILE." You canchange the default handle length under the processing tab of the preferences.
Thank you !! This is really helpful . I can keep fade on the clip .

Are you open a bunch of audiosuite window on a screen ??

Like put edit on 3 different screen ??

Originally Posted by Led View Post
Also to the op instead of audiosuite you can automate plugins

I think this may works on EQ or dyn great but Izotope things....

But thanks anyway , you give another way .

And clip based is also a good choice to EQ or filter .

When I'm picking lavalier sound , there are so many track need to solo and listening to it

(not always need to solo, but most of time need to quick to find what I need...) .

I'm using X-OR solo mode , use P and ; to move up or down and keep press shift+s to solo every track . Is this fastest way ?

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