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Default Re: Dialogue editing workflow

AudioSuite after crossfades: In PT 10 or later, open up any AudioSuite plugin; near the middle on the 3rd row of pulldown menus is one that, I suspect, says "entire selection." Change that to "clip by clip." The one to the left of that should say "create individual files." The bottom of the plugin screen, to the left of the "Render" button, should now have a number, which is the amount of handle to be processed, and left of that is a button that says "WHOLE FILE." You canchange the default handle length under the processing tab of the preferences.

Another time and hassle saver I use is the clip-based EQ and dynamics. This is in PT 11 (I think, but I went straight from 10 to 12) and later, but only in the HD or Ultimate or whatever they call it version of the software.

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