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Default Re: Duet Display for Pro Tools | Control users

Originally Posted by Righty27 View Post
I only tested for a short period and it performed fine at the highest settings i.e. 60fps and using my iPad Air's full Retina resolution.

These are probably too high for this application and might be less of a draw on my Late-2009 iMac if I was to reduce these ... so I can't speak for reliability yet but it does appear to have better reviews than Air Display so may be worth trying out at the 50%-off price of $9.99 (just checked and it's still discounted) ... and a pretty cheap way to try out Touch Bar if you're on Sierra.
Old thread. I'm trying the Duet app for the first time and am having some problems. I work in post so all I need it for is for video display. I'm getting lag when I playback. As soon as I drag the video back to my MBP, it stops. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
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